As we are well aware that MoneyMax is a public listed pawnbroker, vendor and dealer of jewellery, and gold. It was started in 2008 in Singapore and has progressively expanded to reach over 70 stores in the region, making it one of the biggest pawnbroking chains with a presence in both Singapore and Malaysia.

In 2016, the group introduced a new gold 916 love gold jewellery collection. 

Competitive advantages of shopping at money max

There are distinguishing reasons why people should choose money max jewellery when looking for the best 916 gold price singapore.

Money max ensures their projects are 100% authenticated. They value the customer’s priority and therefore they don’t want to lose trust among customers. They have a team of experts and professional who ensures products appraisal, selection, repair and refurbishment process. Any product that would not their expected standard is rejected.

916 gold price singapore

Efficient delivery of items once a customer has ordered. Money max ensures the safe delivery of products from their doorsteps to the customer’s door without involving a third party. Once a customer makes an order and payment is confirmed, the order is processed and shipped to the customer’s destination.

An enhanced customer support team that has been coached and trained on how to handle their customers at whichever level. Customers prefer shopping in places with good rapport and any query that they make will be responded to positively. Money Max is known for building a healthy relationship between its workers and customers.

Their products are relatively cheap and they have been categorized according to prices. 916 gold price singapore comes at different prices depending on the gold type. This was done purposely to accommodate all people from different classes.

There are also attractive discounts to customers that buy items in bulky. Shipping within Singapore is free for items worth 150 SGD and above and a flat charge of SGD 10 for items worth 150SGD and below.