How Can You Keep Track of Your Child’s Online Activities?

The online world is huge, so keeping track of everything your child’s online activities is almost impossible. However, the job becomes much easier when you have mobile tracker apps. Mobile tracker apps will allow you to track their social media, browser history, and messaging history.

So, if you are worried about what your child may be doing online, you should immediately install a mobile tracker on their phone. These are some trackers that are the most useful for parents.

  1. Call history tracker
    Call history trackers can show you who your child is talking to on the phone. This is a great mobile tracker feature, as you can see who your child is talking with and for how long. You can also see if they are talking to someone during odd hours.

You can take immediate action if you notice that your child is talking to a stranger or is spending hours on the phone. This feature is great for tracking your child’s security and productivity.

Tracking Apk

  1. WhatsApp and Facebook tracker
    Kids commonly use WhatsApp and Facebook to communicate with their friends. However, if you have a tracker, you can ensure that your child only communicates with people you trust.

Once you install a WhatsApp tracker apk, it will send you all information about the app, including incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and statuses. You can check this information to see if your child is talking to any strangers or dangerous people and take immediate action if needed.

  1. Apps Tracker
    Children can get carried away with games or entertainment apps on their smartphones. This habit can disrupt their routines, make them unproductive, and promote an unhealthy lifestyle. To avoid these problems, you should start using an apps tracker.

It will inform you when your child is using an app and how long they are using it. So, if you find out that your child is playing games at night instead of sleeping, you can take immediate action and stop the habit.

  1. Browsing history tracker
    The internet has many websites that are inappropriate for children. Unfortunately, children can easily find them and browse through them. Parental control settings may block some of these sites, but they cannot block every site.

Having a browser history tracker is really helpful. It will let you know which sites your child usually visits, so you can look through them and see if it is anything of concern. If you find any inappropriate content on the sites, you can block them to safeguard your child.

The bottom line

Having trackers on your child’s phone can help you keep your child safe and gives you peace of mind. Downloading and installing these trackers is really easy and only takes a few minutes. Once installed, you can monitor your kid’s online activity throughout the day remotely from your computer.

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