Different Types Of Solar Panels

Solar energy is being touted as the best, clean and inexhaustible energy source. There has been a lot of research happening on the cleaner energy generating alternatives and there are a variety of solar panels available for use today. Most of the panels are based on silicon. The alignment of the silicon molecules makes a huge difference in the efficiency factor. Better alignment means greater efficiency, but it is also highly expensive. In today’s solar panels, the most commonly found efficiency is around 20%. It is estimated that around 5% of PV systems are based on the thin films. These are the least expensive systems but are highly inefficient. The efficiency is rated between 7 and 13%. Because of this, it requires a lot of space to generate a decent amount of energy.  The type of panel which is perfect for a situation may not be right for another. The choice of the panel will depend on the space available, budget and the purpose for which the solar panel installation is being done.

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The installation is a very important step and the solar companies which sell the panels usually have a good team of technicians to perform the installations. However it is necessary to check with the solar panel manufacturers in singapore to ensure that the personnel working on your roof are certified. Also you can check with the company to ensure the workers are all insured. It is also necessary to read the contract thoroughly so that regular maintenance costs are also included in the cost estimates.   The PV panels that are used in big farm lands or open spaces might not be suitable for use in residences. This is because there might be shadow effects, improper orientation and more such problems in the residential apartments. The home solar panels must be capable of working under low light conditions too and if a shadow falls on a part of the panel, the circuit should be able to produce power from the remaining portions without breaking the generation. Micro-inverters are suggested for this purpose to ensure that the whole array is not affected when a part is being covered by a shadow.