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Medical emergencies are inevitable. However, with foundations and amazing individuals, you can always request for some help.

A look at what is transplant

When the cells, tissues or organ are taken from the same individual to which they will then be re-implanted.

Allogenic transplant

When it occurs from one donor to a different recipient . For its success, an allogeneic transplant is preceded by the analysis of the compatibility between donor and recipient , to verify that the blood group and the most important genes correspond between the two individuals. Mr bashir dawood and the foundation helps you get through the financial problems.

The greater the affinity between the genes, the higher the chances of success of the intervention. The investigation is necessary to reduce the risk of rejection, i.e. the biological reaction with which the recipient’s immune system recognizes the transplanted organ as foreign and initiates a reaction against it that leads to (more or less extensive) damage to the organ . new fabric.


When the transplant takes place between individuals belonging to different species. Even if the transplant is not a “life-saving” procedure, its implementation contributes to considerably improving the recipient’s quality of life.

How the transplant works

Organ transplants can occur from:

living donor , in the event that the removal of cells, tissues or organs is from a living individual. This is the case, for example, of a bone marrow transplant, a kidney or a part of the liver : it is possible, in fact, to continue living with only one kidney, while in the case of bone marrow and liver, the donated parts can be regenerated.